Little white bugs crawling in the soil/peatmoss

Ok, I have noticed these little little bugs moving around my soil, usually blowing a gentle breeze on them will stir them all up and you see them all moving at once, otherwise they can stand still for a while. Are these things harmful? I would like to take a pic, but I really think that they are too small even with my camera's macro mode on.
Naww, I don't think they are harmfull. However, the plant would look nicer without the bugs, so use some sort of insecticide.
Hi Hydro, I have what sounds like the same kinda bugs on the crown of one of my D. Intermedia. I "blow" them off with a couple of blasts of water from my bottle sprayer but they always seem to reappear. I do believe they are feeding off the juices of the plant. I hesitate to use a pesticidem and hope someone on the fourum will have an answer for the problem before they invade my other plants...and yours.