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Hey all, in a very unfortunate display of my absent-mindednes I left my LL terrarium outside on my porch for a night while I was rearranging my room. By the time I realized my mistake the next morning my Amp's ("lime twist" and "harlequin") as well as my singapore garden tech (which was pretty hard to come by) were burnt/boiled to a crisp in the afternoon sun. Although I grow mainly HLers, I've always wanted to have a little terrarium covered in an amp basal carpet. These were some of my first nepenthes and I'm pretty bummed with my loss... Anyway, if anyone has a spare ampullaria (any kind) for trade I'd love to get my hands on one again.
A few things I have for trade are:

AW Red N. albo (Small)
N. Albo "cameron HL" (about 12" across)
Large purple raff
N. "gentle"
N. belii x ventricosa well established cuttings
N. vent x ovata cutting
B. reducta (mature specimen)
Dracula felix
Oncidium verigatum

I'd also love to get my hands on:
Any form of
N. maxima MINI
N. gymnamphora
N. amp x sib
N. burbridgeae
N. Muluensis (specifically the MT clone)

Thanks everyone! :hail:

I have a pot of Amp seedlings I'd be willing to trade one of. They are a few inches across, can post a picture tonight. If you don't think you have anything small enough to trade for a seedling, you can have one anyways, just send me a message!
Please clear your in box :lol:
I've got some 2-3" across plants grown from seed. Would love to get ahold of that large purple raff :p