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Looking for: Drosera capensis and its allies


Hey guys,

I recently moved into a new place and am trying to expand my collection a little more. I really am just interested in getting some little easy to grow plants like D. capensis and the like. I've got some window sill space and am trying to get some Drosera action in the household.

I really don't have much to offer in the way of trading because I dissolved my collection almost entirely about a year ago. I gave many many valuable plants away during that time. What I CAN offer are a couple second season D. anglica/D. x intermedia seedlings. But I can't get them to you until next spring. At my parents house in Alaska I have a large pot full of seedlings that sprouted and grew this last summer. They are already dormant now and not to mention are 500 miles away. But in the spring I would be more than happy to pick up a few as they start to grow and send them your way. Sometime around May, perhaps.

If this sounds interesting to you and you have some D. capensis seedlings or seeds you need to unload of, let me know!

Let me see what I have available and i'll send you some seeds for nothing.
Okay! Great, thank you. :)
Is shipping the same in ak as it would be in the lower states?
I can put together alittle care package for you if you are willing to reimburse for shipping.
I have capes, spatulata, Adelae, nidiformis I could send. Might even have a spare utric.

I've had some good fortune last week. Need to pay it foward!
Hey that would be fantastic! Those are exactly the types of plants I was thinking of.

I actually am living in Washington now which is why I wouldn't be able to send any of the Alaskan Drosera til May or so. But yes, shipping is very much the same to Alaska anyway. I could absolutely reimburse you for shipping but it might not be immediately. I am currently working to resolve my debit card issue. A new one should be coming in the mail for me in a couple weeks or so. If you wanted to wait til then, that's fine by me.

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Hey dex

Looks like u got the plants u wanted cover, but I could offer some d. Filiformis Seeds collected this year for absolutely nothing. I was a recipient of your n. ventracosa x glandulifera, u had treated if for thrips prior to me getting it. I put it in a window at work, and wow that thing is doing great, and even got a couple comments on it. I know it's by no means equal trade, but it's along the same lines of what u want. I have a ton of d. Binata dwarf red seedlings, I started a month ago and if they make it to spring and u want some, again absolutely free. Let me know.
Hey monkey, I appreciate the offer. I really am just looking for indoor subtropical dews though. You don't have to worry about giving me any plants. I am glad the Nepenthes is doing well, I really liked the plant and it was out growing my capacity anyway. Just show some pics of my baby that's all I need from you! :p
Sure we can wait. Just let me know when you got everything worked out.
Where you living in WA now, Dex? I could hook you up with a bunch of stuff i've been wanting to get rid of...
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Hey! I am in Bellingham. Everett's not very far away right? That would be crazy cool!
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I'm about an hour drive south of you... Problem is I dont have transportation. :(
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Maybe you could drive down and join me and some friends one night at the AFK Tavern here in Everett.. Gamer place that is full of win. And they dont care about me bringing plants in. lol. http://www.afktavern.com/
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ill bow out of this one. brie has you covered!