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A leuco by any other name would still be as glutto
So during my last trade-a-thon I gained a nice N. x 'Wrigleyana' from a member, and then I purchased a big alata at a nursery. Thanks to these two I am now hooked on Neps. I still question my skill, though, and am looking for easily grown hybrids. I greatly regret not buying a big N. x 'Miranda' at the nursery, so that one would be great. You folks know better than me; let me know what is easy and what you have!

I am also looking for more Sarracenia minor. I got to see them in the wild last week and need more for my collection now.

I have several large S. 'Scarlet Belles I could trade in addition to S. flava var. flava or various sizes. I have several flowering sized green VFTs I would trade as well. Though not a fancy culitvar, this clone makes nice large traps and grow vigorously. I have a few orchids I would consider as well; let me know if you are interested in those.

...and pics.



Let me know! Thanks.