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I'm looking for any gemmae not on this list. Please email me at jeremiah@leilaninepenthes.com

My Grow List...
Drosera allantostigma
Drosera androsacea
Drosera callistos
Drosera citrina
Drosera closterostigma
Drosera closterostigma (Mogumber form)
Drosera dichrosepala
Drosera dichrosepala (Fish Road Track form)
Drosera echinoblastus
Drosera eneabba A (red)
Drosera eneabba B (green)
Drosera grievei
Drosera helodes
Drosera hyperostigma
Drosera lasiantha
Drosera leucoblasta (Cranbrook form - giant flower)
Drosera leioblastus
Drosera mannii
Drosera microscapa
Drosera nitidula
Drosera occidentalis ssp . australis
Drosera occidentalis
Drosera occidentalis (Cape Le Grand NP)
Drosera omissa
Drosera omissa (White flower)
Drosera oreopodion
Drosera paleacea
Drosera paleacea (Cranbrook form)
Drosera patens
Drosera platystigma
Drosera pulchella
Drosera pulchella (Big brook)
Drosera pulchella (Coral pink flower)
Drosera pulchella (Orange flower)
Drosera pulchella (Orange flower 2)
Drosera pulchella (Salmon flower)
Drosera pulchella (35B - orange/red center)
Drosera pulchella (Orange with red veins)
Drosera pulchella (Purple maroon)
Drosera pulchella (White flower, red center)
Drosera pycnoblasta
Drosera pygmaea
Drosera pygmaea (All green form)
Drosera pygmaea (East Australia form)
Drosera pygmaea (Mt. Lofty, South Australia)
Drosera pygmaea (Tasmania form)
Drosera roseana
Drosera sargentii
Drosera scorpioides
Drosera sewelliae
Drosera silvicola
Drosera sp. 'Narrikup'
Drosera stelliflora
Drosera trichocaulis
Drosera walyunga
Drosera omissa x pulchella
Drosera callistos -Brookton form
Drosera enodes
Drosera enodes -Giant form
Drosera gibsonii

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oops early morning brain damage. Didn't see the e-mail. eeew
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I'm sorry for the confusion, I'm looking for plants not on my grow list.

I think you have all that are in existence!