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What is and what should never be
Looking for some Pinguicula:
P. laueana
P. 'Florian'
P. 'George Sargent'
P. 'Seductora'
P. agnata red leaf
P. agnata scented flower
P. agnata true blue
P. ibarrae
P. "Guatemala 3100 m"
P. "Sierra Mazatecas"
P. acuminata
P. debbertiana
P. heterophylla
and any other interesting species and hybrids that I do not have.

It's true that I haven't been doing a very good job of updating my grow list. Make me an offer. I have various Drosera and Pinguicula for trade. I am looking for plants and/or leaf pullings.

I've got P. 'Florian', acuminata, and George SGT. I also have the CSUF version of agnata, although its pedigree was recently questioned.
Hey Jim! Does your acuminata look like gigantea? Mine does. I thought they looked a bit too similar and looked it up on cpphotofinder. Does yours look anything like these: http://www.cpphotofinder.com/pinguicula-acuminata-34.html

It sorta reminds me of P. macrophylla.

I'm pretty sure I got my CSUF from you awhile back, I think at least. It's the same one that Av has in the thread in question.

I would certainly like to get a 'Florian' and George SGT from you!
This is what I have for P. agnata 'CSUF':


and this is the P. acuminata:


I had a CSUF plant a few years ago (moranensis?), from WickedThistle. But it died. I used to have agnata and acuminata galore, but they all died out a couple years ago. CSUF is supposed to be Cal State Fullerton.

The agnata I had turned red very easily, but I never had any of the variants.

I need to wait a bit before I send out more plants. I have a couple trades going and the car needed new brake rotors and pads this week.

I no longer have a straight up gigantea. The one I had should have been called 'Dwarf'. OTOH, the gigantea x moctezumae has become a monster.


I have horrible luck / skill with straight up species, like moctezumae, gigantea, lauenea,... but as soon as it gets crossed with something, they hybrids grow like gangbusters.

This was P. acuminata from 2006:


and this is what I had as P. agnata, also from 2006:


This is an agnata I had in 2008:


and this the acuminata in 2008


Apparently, they didn't die out until sometime last year.
:raises hand:

Jimscott, I have a question. Looking at your photos, it looks like many of your pings grow in LFSM. However, isn't the acidic nature of sphagnum supposed to be somewhat inhabitable to pings, versus an alkaline mix more similar to their nature habitat?
sorry jim. that doesnt look like acuminata to me. i remember that was the plant you sent me as P. acuminata a few years ago when you sent me several pullings(many thanks by the way!!) it turned out to be similar to agnata or gigantea which is what i later labeled as agnata. acuminata leaves(as shown in the link) are like spade shovels.

nesler: I upgraded my media since then. I now mix crushed coral, egg shells, perlite, and sand. Now it's alkaline.

Alex, et al: Okay... well those plants and their offspring are now long gone from my collection. I have no idea how, where, or when labels got messed, either by me or someone before me or after me. If it was me, I apologize.
Sorry for the late replies on this thread guys. I've been flat on my back the last few days with this cold. I had it about a week ago and it wasn't that bad, then it came right back with the vengeance.

Thanks for the visuals Jim! My acuminata looks just like yours. I have it growing side by side with P. gigantea, and they look the same to me. No flowers yet though. Now that I think about it, I think I got my P. agnata CSUF from a different source. Here's my CSUF http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v200/Crissytal/IMG_3682.jpg (yes it's sad when it's easier to find my photos on the photo finder site than in my own photobucket LOL).

NAN thank you for the offer! I have PMed you.
Get well soon, my friend! This is just a "shameless plug":


And yeah, so many of them look too much alike to me, even when the things flower. What's funny is when you get the same plant from 2 hobbyists and have them side to side... and see that there really is a difference. I had that about 5 years ago when two people sent me U. sandersonii blue. I saw that one looked like the white variety to know that the other was different.
Thanks Jim!! Dare I say I'm starting to feel better. A couple days ago I said that and it was a false alarm.

I agree, may of them look just alike to me, and I'm not good with IDs in general lol.

I think I had U. sandersonii blue at one point. There's not too much difference, mine was barely even blue. I think I managed to kill it somehow.

I'll reply to your email in a couple days and maybe we can get a trade together. I can fill your slots for P. gigantea and P. agnata CSUF and maybe another D. graminifolia if you'd like.
Hi Crisstal -

The P. acuminata I received from you a few months back looks identical to Jim's pictures of it. It sounds like you guys are leaning more towards it being P. gigantea, which is great for me... I have never had any luck with P. gigantea, but so far the plant I received from you as P. acuminata has since tripled in size!

I don't think I have any of the pings you are looking for, but take a look at my growlist and let me know if you see something that you like. The plain P. agnata I have recently divided after flowering, so I should have an extra.
Whoops, sorry Baylorguy. I haven't been around on the forums much lately and overlooked your post when I have stopped by. Yes, I'm definitely leaning toward P. gigantea. Sorry about that!! I'm glad you're not upset with me :). I had my supposed P. acuminata and P. gigantea growing side by side and kept noticing how much they looked alike. I finally decided to look up P. acuminata on the photofinder website. It's certainly not P. acuminata.

I'd very much be interested in a regular P. agnata. Are you looking for anything in particular? I may would want to wait until spring if that's okay since the temperatures are so unpredictable here.

Jim, I'm working on emailing you right now. You'll have an email shortly. Sorry for the delay!!
So.. what exactly do I have in my pictures? Is the acuminata really a gigantea? And what is the agnata CSUF?

LOL! I think that from now on, with the possible exception of D. adelae and C. follicularis and P. gyspicola, when I post pictures, I'll just leave off the names. Maybe I'll do like Botanical Wonders and write, "Drosera species".

Got the Email!
No problem Crisstyal,

Like I said I am actually happy that FINALLY a P. gigantea is doing well for me :)

Spring would probably be better anyway. It'll give the division more of a chance to settle!

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Here is the P. agnata. If you look closely you can see two separate plants. And here are a couple other pings that have also divided after flowering:


<a href="http://s294.photobucket.com/albums/mm112/Baylorguy81/?action=view&current=DSC01587.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm112/Baylorguy81/DSC01587.jpg" border="0" alt="Pings that have divided"></a>