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Feb 2, 2012
Raleigh, NC
I'm starting a terrarium for pygmy sundews and I'm looking for the following species,

D. barbigera ssp. barbigera
D. callistos Brookton
D. citrina ssp. citrina
D. closterostigma Mogumber
D. eneabba Red
D. helodes Bulls Brook
D. scorpioides Gidgegannup
D. gibsonii
D. silvicola
D. lasiantha
D. walyunga
D. pycnoblasta
D. nitidula
D. sargentii

I've got lots of Sarracenia for trade and I'll have some rooted cuttings of N. 'Dwarf Peacock' soon, I stuck the cuttings a few weeks ago and they should begin to root in soon. I really am more interested in gemmae than the actual plants, but I might consider trading for actual plants. I've also got lots of Sarracenia seed available from a few different crosses that I have made this year using S. 'Matoaka'. I crossed it with S. alabamensis ssp. alabamensis, S. rubra ssp. gulfensis Athocyanin-Free, S. oreophila, and S. leucophyllaXflava var. rugelii.