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Hello Everyone,

I am very new to this site and posting a thread, so I grow orchids here in montana, but I have gotten into CP's and I like the pinguicula especially. I am looking for the temperate butterworts like P macroceras, vulgaris, and poldinii or seeds from them. I have not found them anywhere and the one place I did find was ridiculously overpriced for a normally 10$ plant so I feel I will persue that option as a last resort. I do have some orchids to trade, or possibly pings like 'Sethos' or moranensis that are small currently, but will be trade size shortly. I can pay for shipping or postage and more if needed as long as it is within reason and I know my orchids look rough, so if anyone is interested in the orchids as a trade, I will take pictures so you know what you are getting and what size. I have not had a complaint on other sites I belong to for orchids and trading them or selling on other sites and I want to uphold my reputation here as a nice guy who is honest and willing to go far to make everyone I deal with happy and feel like they walk away with a fair deal. I am open to other trades like some of the mexican butterworts as well like P moranensis to expand breeding stock, P laueana, agnata, esseriana, emarginata, moctezumae, gypsicola, cyclosecta,* colimensis,* grandiflora, and Koehres. Please let me know if you have any of these or will shortly in the future and I hope we can work something out.
I actually have most of them. I'd be happy to work something out with you.