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I recently aquired some plants from another grower here in NC and before taking the plants today I informed him that I did not have the space to grow all these plants at the size they are now and he told me it would be fine for me to share these plants with anybody I wanted. So basically I'm going to take cuttings of these plants for whoever wants them. I really am only interested in trading for any of the following nepenthes and any of the following Drosera, no Sarracenia, Pings, or Dionaea right now.
D. barbigera ssp. barbigera, D. callistos Brookton, D. citrina ssp. citrina, D. closterostigma, D. eneabba Red, D. helodes Bulls Brook, D. scorpioides, D. gibsonii, D. silvicola, D. lasiantha, D. walyunga, D. pycnoblasta, D. nitidula, D. sargentii, N. adnata, N. albomarginata (green and black forms), N. beccariana, N. clipeata, N. eustachya, N. faizaliana, N. longifolia, N. macrovulgaris, N. mapuluensis, N. merilliana, N. papuana, N. peltata, N. pervillei, N. surigaoensis, N. truncata (not typical), N. veitchii (golden peristome, ultra striped, 'pink', wavy leaf, 'K'), N. campanulata, N. ingsignis (Dark pitchers), N. madagascariensis, N. masoalensis, N. northiana, N. phillipinensis, N. rowanae (solid color pitcher), N. sumatrana, N. tenax, and N. vieillardii. I realize that list is long and contains a lot of ultra rare plants, I just copy and pasted from my wishlist, i'm not expecting an offer of N. peltata for what's listed below. I'm also interested in any N. ampullaria or ampullaria hybrids that I don't already have. Check my growlist to see what I've got. Go ahead and pm me an offer even if you don't have what is listed above, I'll still consider pretty much any offer. When I say I have X number of cuttings that means what I'm going to cut it up into, you however could probably get 3-8 cuttings per my cutting.

Anyway, Here's what's up for trade:
N. xVentrata X Dubia 2 cuttings worth

Here's the closest thing to a living pitcher that is on this right now

N mirabilis x Tiger, 4 cuttings worth


It's the big vine in the front of the pitcher

N. "Tiger" mutt this plant is very bushy and pitchers A LOT, 4 cuttings worth


and last but not least...
N. alata Boschiana Mimic, 3 cuttings worth

Don't have anything to trade (well not on your list) but those are some beautiful cutting and hope you get them all distributed....
shoot me an offer if theres something you want i don't have the space for these plants as they are now so i need to get rid of some cuttings
love that N. "Tiger" mutt and the N. alata Boschiana Mimic, but just sent out the last plant I had to trade for a while
I love the N. "Tiger" mutt my problem is that you don't needs sarrs. I have a judith hindle or a dana's delight i could trade, but thats about it. sorry mcm
Seriously people I need to get rid of these cuttings I can't do sarracenia or dionaea but I can do almost anything else. Send me an offer at this point if people will just pay like $8 shipping ill send the cuttings for free. So I guess this is now a giveaway. But I'll still take trades if someone offers up something good :)
Are any of these LL?

Or hardy enough HL for a windowsill?
I've got them all growing in my apartment in a sunny windowsill, but the guy I got them from was growing them outside this summer so they are definitely lowlanders. But he said they would probably do better as low intermediates.
Sidenote: I should specify it is $8 for shipping for two cutting because I can't fit more than that in a box if you want more than two it'll be like $12.50 or so for shipping I think.
Can you send some with the SASE for seeds? Or we could make it a normal trade.
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Well two stamps doesn't exactly equal the shipping cost of a flatware shipping box so if u pay shipping I can send you some I don't think some indica seeds are exactly a fair trade for these Nep cuttings.
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I agree, just wondering. I'll see.
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I'm going to close this trade thread and reopen a new one as a giveaway thread. Thanks for the offers though guys. If a mod could mark this thread as closed or just delete the entire thing. I would greatly appreciate it.