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I was snapping some pics of my collection today and I figured I would share.

I am now shooting with a Nikon D5100 so the photo quality is a bit better.

D. Capillaris "belem":

D. regia:

D. venusta:

D. sessifolia:

D. filliformis "florida red":

D. binata multifida extrema:

D. burmanii "beerwah, australia":

Some S. minor on the back of my sundew shelf:

Stylidium adnatum:

Excuse these photos, they were taken through the plastic of my lowland area...

D. schizandra:

D. paradoxa:

D. ordensis:

U. reniformis:

I also got a macro lens which helps a lot for closeups:

D. paradoxa:

D. ordensis:

D. sessifolia:

D. burmanii "beerwah, australia":

Thanks for looking!
So many dews, yay! Dews don't get enough love around here. Yours look fantastic.


I must demand a wider shot, of the entire shelf if you will. XD It looks so nice and tidy, and I love seeing a bunch of pots full of dews all crammed in nice and neat with eachother. ^.^
Awesome dews! I love the shizzy and burmanni.
Speedy replies guys...

I will post a photo of my whole shelf soon.

Where are you located btw? In the world I mean.. don't need a GPS locale. :lol:
love the d. burmanni need to get some seeds when someone has a giveaway or trade
@Mickey: I just harvested a bunch of seed last night. It's pretty cold here these days, don't know how cold-hardy seed is. But I'd be happy to SASE you some.

EDIT: Errr, sorry for cluttering your thread, Peatmoss... @Mickey: PM me if interested.
Your capillaris belem looks so much better than mine. XD I really envy you, your plants are stunning. really nice specimens.

I want a pic of the whole shelf too!
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Good show peat! Your drosera are looking very happy within your care. :)

Thanks for sharing!
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@Mass: I am in Ontario, Canada.
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Nice dews! The venusta looks very happy. I never knew you had such a collection.

Just some advice from a fellow photographer, practice more with the macro lens. It takes a lot of work to perfect macro work; precise focus, good depth of field, and composition. It took me a few months, maybe even a year to get decent macro shots.
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Those were some of the first shots I took with the macro lens, I do agree that depth of field is a big issue. I have only had the camera for just over a week so I am still learning.

If I was not limited by space it would be even bigger!

Nepenthes are probably my favorites but I can't keep too many due to a lack of room and proper conditions...
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Beautiful pics. Thank you for sharing!
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Nice to see some dews get a little appreciation...awesome collection!
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Aww yay petiolaris dews! :drool:
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I posted a little info about my setup on the OCPS forums and I figured I would share it here:

I grow my plants on a shelf under dual t5's, in the winter they get fairly cool temps so they don't have as much dew. In the summer it gets really hot because my house lacks air conditioning. The temps right now are probably 60-70 degrees and the humidity is maybe 50-60-70 percent.

The plants that have impressed me the most are the petiolaris dews and the queensland dews as they grow quite well in the very cool conditions although they are in nearly 100 percent humidity. I think they don't mind cool conditions as long as the humidity is high.

Almost everything is in 50/50 peat silica. The regia is pure milled sphagnum, the schizandra is in peat/perlite with live sphagnum on top and the petiolaris are in two parts silica to one part peat.

The regia has also surprised me, I grew it from seed in January and it was actually the first CP seed I ever germinated. I only got one out of about ten seedlings to survive but it is probably going to be a very hardy clone considering it survived 90 degree tempratures during the summer.
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Here are the pics of my setup as promised:

Overall view of both tiers:


Closeup of Drosera shelf:


I also took some more photos:

Drosera adelae:

Cephalotus, not a great pitcher but it is my first mature one since it decided to die back on me in the fall:

Nepenthes veitchii:

Pinguicula cyclosecta:
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Wow I love your setup!!
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I took some more photos a few days ago...

Drosera capensis, one of the most underrated sundews if you ask me:


A teeny Drosera slackii seedling, I only got about 6% germination:


Drosera burmanii "beerwah, australia":


Some petiolaris, since they are one of my photographical focuses:

D. ordensis:


D. paradoxa:


D. falconeri:


D. derbyensis has never done really well for me but it's still alive in the mediocre conditions I give them so I can't really complain: