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We have compiled a list of cp's sold at Lowes.
These only cover plants supplied by Botanical Wonders and Hanover Botanicals. By the way they are the same company.

Nepenthes ventricosa
Pinguicula primuliflora
Drosera adelae
Darlingtonia californica
Dionaea muscipula
Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa
Sarracenia rubra

If you buy the kit that you have to mail in a certifcate and they ship your plants to you, the plants are:

Dionaea muscipula
Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa
Drosera spatulata (or adelae)

Remember that this list only covers plants grown by Botanical Wonders and Hanover Botanicals. If your plant was grown by another nursey and sold at Lowes, this list does not apply to your plant.
I've seen the ones you listed at lowes and some extras:
sarracenia wrigleyana, pinguicula vulgaris and another ping, it wasn't prim.
Sometimes they have some cp's that are not grown by Hanover Botanicals or Botanical Wonders.
I even called the company and asked. They were rude and not much help, but they told this list is what they sold.
I believe you, but I can't comment  on that because I have never seen any cp's from gublers at Lowe's. I think that majority of them are from Hanover Botanical's/Botanical Wonders. That is the plants that I have tried to cover here.
the lowes here in tucson of which my wife works at only ever has gublers. never seen another kind. same with all the local home depos... that sux. they don't seam to have as much a selection.
I bought an S. X 'Wrigleyana' at lowe's and it was distributed by Botanical Wonders. I still have the label, terrarium, and plant.

I've seen S. Purpurea ssp. Purpurea at homedepot, it was in a green pot with a plastic dome, different. I have also seen D. Capensis and N. x Ventrata.
I once saw a S. Rubra in one of those kits, And I saw aomething that sort of loooked like a S. Minor too
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I thought I would share some info. Theese are all from Lowes, and Home Depot which carry companies like Gublers and botanical wonders, little pot of horrors, plus another that I forgot. I've only seen the botanical wonders in the midwest, and the other two on the west coast.

S. ruba
S. purpurea (venosa and northern form I believe, or just different clones)
S. pittstacina
S. leocyphila
S. x Dixie Lace
D. adelae
D. rotundiflora/ spathulata (one or the other)
D. capensis typical
D. capensis narrow
D. binata
D. x Marston Dragon
P. primuliflora
P. lutea
P. ?? (atleast one other ping that is iether a dif. species or hybrid)
N. x Judith Finn
N. ventricosa red
N. gracilis
N. x ventrata
N. uknown hybrid 1
N. uknown Hybrid 2
(both are maxima crosses, and I believe the first to be N. x mixta)
Typical vft
Dente venus flytrap

Jeese, they're selling a lot of species now.
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how about Bloom Rite aka Nursery's Men Exchange? I got a red dragon or some kind of red venus fly trap from them.
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the lowes and home depots around were I live (socal) have always only carried gublers....
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i was at franks the other day i bought a green dragon VFT
they had alot there
i think it was a green dragon, the trap was red but the edges of it were green and everything else was red, i think they might be red dragons, hmmm... i cant tell
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At meijers, boy were they carrying alot of Carnivorous Plants! They had alot of big Ventricosa's with five inch pitchers for 8.50 but I already have a smaller one at home so I passed on that deal. They also had some red dragons (could of been green dragon), ping primifloria, some Sarracenia Hybrid of somesort, and a couple of small Nepenthes (Probably Judith Finn).
All I got was a Ping since that's the only plant there that I didn't have yet. They all look great!
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I got a Cobra Lily from Lowes one time.
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I have some sort of Pitcher plant that was lables as S. Rubra but deffinatly isnt. look on the post i made on " Unknown Sarracenia" it looks a lot like minor but it doesnt have "windows" on it....
just some info to give
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It varries from region to region. I dont have any neps... and Cobralillies.
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I have seen plants from Booman's and, nurseyman's exchange and Flytrap Farm, all being sold out here on the west Coast. Any one have the link to hanover's botanicals?
Thanx and keep 'em plants growin'
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I've seen S. 'judith Hindles' as well by Botanical Wonders.