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ok the S. minor that i got from lowes is from Botanical Wonders. it turns out to be S. 'Scarlet Belle". just an update.
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wow. a bunch of new plants at my lowes! i got a cobra lily, P. primuliflora and a S. rubra...is this Rubra just S. rubra or is it a subspecies?
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Do they sell them at Home Depot too?
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they do. ive gotten VFTs and D. capensis from HD
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I went by Lowes this morning for some household items and there was 3 display trays full of newly arrived CP's, mostly the common items, but there was this one large dew that caught my attention,


I'm guessing the ping is primuliflora?... and the sundew?

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It's an etoliated D. adelae.
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oh well.... LOL, I saw the height, and stem and thought hmmmm this might just be something, live and learn ey ;)

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that pic makes me wanna get dressed and drive my happy self to lowes ans see what they got there because i have never found drosera or darlingtonia at lowes i can always find dionaea tho i might just have to go shopping lol
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That's basically what I did before I accidently stumbled onto the discussion forums - tap out Lowes, Home Depot, etc... Then I discovered the Trading Post and scarfed up what I could!
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The following nurseries/distributors have been identified as suppliers of CPs in the United States to Lowes (L), Wal-Mart (WM), Home Depot (HD), Orchid Supply Hardware (OSH), Armstrong's (A), and Meijer's (M). Some of these stores (like Meijer's) are regional and not nationwide or international chains.

* note I will be editing this to fill in identified species, regions etc. Moderators feel free to edit as seen fit with any information updates you have. Booman's is the only nursery identified that can be confirmed they propagate their own plants - the others may be reselling plants from AgriStarts III in Florida. In order to not clutter up the thread please PM me or one of the mods with updates.

Altman Plants - Vista, CA
Region: West Coast?
typical packaging: dome
Found in: HD
CPs: Dionaea muscipula (typical)

Bloomrite / Nurserymen's Exchange - Morro Bay & Vista, CA and Delray Beach, FL
Region: Nationwide?
typical packaging: tube, 3.5-4" pot
Found in: HD, OSH, WM, M
Dionaea muscipula (typical, reds)
Sarracenia ??? x "Judith Hindle"?, x readii?
* note: as per Booman's website Bloomrite / Nurserymen's Exchange is one of their brokers.
Odds are (at least in the South Western states) a Bloomrite plant is from Booman

Booman Floral - Vista, CA
region: nationwide?
typical packaging: dome, larger potted plants in plastic bag/sock
Found in: HD, A
Dionaea muscipula (typical)
Drosera capensis, D. spatulata, D. 'Marston's Dragon', D. multifida, D. binata, D. intermedia, D. adelae, D. nidiformis dielsonii
Sarracenia minor, S. purpurea, S. flava, S. leucophylla, S. 'Cobra's Nest', various hybrids
Darlingtonia californica
Nepenthes hybrids
Pinguicula x 'Titan' (see http://biology.fullerton.edu/facilities/greenhouse/CSUF_Cultivars/pxtitan.html)

Botanical Wonders - CIP Nursery - NC
Region: East of Rockies?
typical packaging: clear plastic cubes (aka cube of death)
Found in: Lowe's
Dionaea muscipula (typical)
Darlingtonia californica
Sarracenia rubra, 'Judith Hindle', x wrigleyana, purpurea
Drosera adelae
Nepenthes ??
Pinguicula primuliflora?, vulgaris?

Gubler Orchids - Landers, CA
Region: Western States? Nationwide?
typical packaging: dome
Found in: L, HD
Dionaea muscipula (typical, 'Cupped Trap', 'Dentate')
Sarracenia psitticina, S. rubra???
Drosera spatulata (intermedia??)
Nepenthes ??

Hanover Botanicals - PA???
Region: Mid-West? NorthEast?
typcial packaging: ??
Found in: ??
CPs: ??

dome = 2.5-3 inch pot (red/brown/tan) with clear plastic cup/dome
tube/sock=3-3.5 inch pot in a plastic bag cone/funnel, pot at narrow end
cube = self-explanatory

Examples of labels or packaging:

Cube (unique to Botanical Wonders, tops removed, link from Fryster's posting):
(New style large cube 05-2007can be seen in this post)

Dome (Gubler's label) all domes are similar, different labels)

Tube (unique to Bloomrite?):

Sock (Booman Floral) link from photo by Peanut:

Altman Plants label:

Bloomrite flag (used in 3.5-4 pots, no dome):

Booman's Floral card (used on domes and pots in sock):
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I spotted carnivorous plants sold at a drug store (which I bought 4 of them) from Booman Floral of Vista, CA. What you they were selling were plants you can add to your list. Two particular plants being sold was Sarracenia minor and an identified Mexican Pinguicula hybrid and it is because of its succulent leaves, which is a characteristic of Mexican pings.
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Hey, does anyone know what variety is the darlingotnia they sell at lowe's?
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My very first carnivorous plant that I ever bought was a "Little Pot of Horrors" butterwort back in 2000.

Does anyone know what kind of butterworts they were selling back then? It had yellow-green leaves with strongly incurved margins, and the leaves curled over a fly I applied to the leaf.

I think it was a Lutea.
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There used to be a drug store that carried CP's in 3" pots, no grower labels at all, but they had plant ID tags. I bought a Dros. nitidula x pulchella from them.
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Saw an S. flava in the Botanical Wonders box.
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I have seen Bloomrite VFTs at Armstrong before.

Wonderful list you created!

Oh, Glubber's Orchids sells N. ventrosica, P. moctezumae, and p. primifloria
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The butterwort you bought was probably P. primuliflora.

Lutea is sort of rare, and its puny and kind of disappointing. Primulifora is very easy to propagate, is big, and flowers a lot.
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Anyone seen this new stuff at thier Lowe's?