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My Current Growlist
Updated 2/11/2006

Cephalotus follicularis (typical)
Dionaea muscipula (typical)
D. binata "T-Form"
D. burmannii
D. capensis
D. dielsiana
D. intermedia (Cuba)
D. scorpioides
D. spatulata
D. tokaiensis
Genlisea violacea (giant)
N. coccinea
N. x (home despot) 'maxima hybrid'
N. x (capital nursery)
N. x (capital nursery#2) Labeled as:"sanguinea (orange)"
P. esserania (giant form)
P. lutea
P. moranensis x emarginata
P. primuliflora
P. rotundiflora
P. 'mystery guests' [mixed mexican ping from seed]
S. x 'Judith Hindle'
S. purpurea venosa (?) - {ICPS seed}, seedlings
U. alpina
U. blanchetii (white form) - ...it's recovering
U. bisquamata
U. calcyfida 'Asenath Waite'
U. calcyfida 'Yog-sothoth'
U. dichotoma (purple flowers) 'single flower variant'
U. heterosepala
U. lateriflora {seed grown, bestcarnivorousplants.com}
U. lateriflora forum trade clone
U. livida (Merriwuk, SA)
U. longifolia (white flower, Serra da Araponga, Brazil)
U. longifolia forum trade clone
U. nephrophylla (white?)
U. praelonga
U. prehensilis
U. pubescens (Larger flowered form)
U. pubescens forum trade clone (typical?)
U. reniformis Cooks Carnivorous Plants
U. sandersonii (white flower)
U. sandersonii 'blue'
U. tricolor
U. warburgii
U. welwitschii

...and growing