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Manilkara zapota Seeds

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I have about 50 Manilkara zapota seeds to offer.

Manilkara zapota, also known as "Sapodilla" (and know by many other names), has delicious fruit that tastes (almost exactly) like brown sugar! It has a dark brown color and a slight grit to the fruit that adds to the "brown sugar" experience (however it is much less gritty than pear fruit and rather smooth). Sapodilla are also known for having many health benefits (which I'll let you research) and the sap from these trees used to be used in making chewing gum. Also, bonsai are sometimes made from Sapodilla trees.

The fruit was harvested in South Florida, from my Great Aunt's backyard tree in April. No pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals were used on the tree or it's fruit.

In trade, I'm looking for:
N. Lady Luck
N. sibuyanensis
N. talangensis hybrids crossed with highlanders or intermediates
N. ampullaria hybrids crossed with highlanders or intermediates
Or other Fat Squat neps that grow indoors.

Perennial plants
Non CP, for Zone 8 and 9 (My garden needs more plants, tell me what you've got!)

PM me to trade!
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Not a single PM about the seeds?
In the 2015 NASC auction , I sold 14 seeds for for $11.00!

50 seeds in trade, for a cutting or seedling is such a better deal!

And because people love visuals:
You get 50 of these (or less if you prefer).

They'll look like this as they grow.

And fruit looks like this.

I'm closing this up on 5/27/17, PM me now!

PS, photos are not mine and were randomly found online.
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I'm guessing it's not frost hardy, is it?
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