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Marimo Moss Balls for Trade

Eight Marimo moss balls for trade. They are larger than a golf ball, smaller than a billiard ball. A cool addition for your aquarium!

Looking for:
Ant Plants
Reptile stuff
Riparium plants
Riparium trellis-rafts
Hygrophila pinnatifida
Freshwater Invertebrate Books
Hexagon aquarium (1 to 8 gallons)
Utricularia graminifolia (and other aquatic bladderworts)
Aquarium décor (vases, castles, skulls, rocks, whatcha got?)

PM to trade.
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A lot of that stuff would get a bit heavy for shipping (tanks)... Is this a local pickup only trade offer?
Too heavy for shipping? Not really.

Normally, small hexagon tanks are made from acrylic or plastic, thus, they are much lighter than glass. As for heavy items, lets say a chunk of driftwood, I'm willing to cover extra shipping cost. For about 15 years, I've been shipping fragile things, bulky things, live plants and animals. I know how it all works and I'd be glad to share shipping tips!

Dragoness, were you interested in a trade?
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The Marimo are gone. Thanks for the interest! :D

Traded them for an 4 gallon acrylic hexagon tank. The trade was made on a fish forum, shipping was only $15.00.