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Give Away Mature Sarracenia

**EDIT - All plants claimed

I will be making a long-distance move soon, and I am unfortunately not able to take my Sarracenia bog with me.

I have ONE of each of the following available to give away, first come, first serve, cont. US only. Please post below with which plant(s) you would like.

All are mature, flowering size, and most have multiple growth points and could likely be divided. I will be sending them bare root. Recent picture of the bog is attached, but there's not much to see, considering the season :)

Sarracenia Dana's Delight
Sarracenia alata Covington LA FC16-1 MH
Sarracenia flava rugelii FC23
Sarracenia alata x leucophylla
Sarracenia leucophylla Titan
Sarracenia leucophylla Titan x Black Widow


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I have been told I need more than just Nephs by a member of this forum. I trust his judgement. I recently tried to buy one but they were out. If the Titan x Blackwidow is still available, I promise to take good care of it.
Also Is danas delight still up for grabs? As my buddy in Seattle is getting in Cps and hes got his own property and wants to start a bog to grow sarracenia and a separate cephalotus one since Seattle is perfect for both outdoors.. as i promise this plant would go to another person cause im not the type of person to grab both..