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For Sale Mexican Pinguicula Clumps For Sale

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BS Bulldozer
I'm offering the following Mexican Pinguicula:
Two pots of young but well established 'Aphrodite'. Each pot contains multiple smaller plants that could be separated, but personally I would grow them out as is. This time next year these should be impressive little clumps. You will receive the full contents of the pots pictured. First pot contains at least 3 plants, $25 shipped USPS Priority. Second pot is 4 or 5 larger plants, $50 shipped USPS Priority.

Nicely started P. gigantea, about 2.5" in diameter, $25 shipped USPS Priority.

Payment by PayPal only please! I will combine the shipping if you buy multiple pots. Buy any two and take $10 off, take all 3 for $75 shipped. Thanks for looking!


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