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I have the following available:

* N. coccinea (solid) -- Rooted cutting
* U. gibba -- Enough to fill a 35-mm film canister, with water.

The rest are in 1.5"x1.5" plugs:

* D. binata (multifida extrema)
* G. violacea (giant)
* U. dichotoma
* U. lateriflora
* U. livida
* U. longifolia
* U. praelonga
* U. prehensilis
* U. tricolor
* U. tridentata
* U. warburgii


PM me with your name/shipping address/email address, and then reply here to let everybody else know the package is claimed.

I may be able to offer others, as supplies hold out.

I will send you a PayPal invoice for the postage/shipping supplies: $5 (Minimum priority mail parcel postage is $3.85, but this package will be heavier than the max weight at that rate, i think.)

Package will ship on first Saturday following receipt of payment. (Shipping on Saturday minimises transit time.)

I will grudgingly accept a check if you can't pay with PayPal, but I vastly prefer PayPal.


Care instructions upon receipt of plants:

* The N. coccinea can be planted in a 5" drained pot in pure LFS, or a 50/50 mix of LFS/peat. If you have live sphagnum, top dress with that. Take care not to disturb the rootball.

* Put the U. gibba in 1/2 gallon of rainwater. Even better, rainwater that's been run through peat, making a clear peat tea. Once it fills a larger container, it will do well outside (in almost any zone) in a 5-gallon pail filled with rainwater.

* The rest of the plants do well in standard peat mixes; peat and sand, peat and perlite, etc. I find 2:1 milled LFS:peat works extremely well. Plant in 3"x3" pots.
Can I just get the N. coccinea for postage  
? Sent you a pm.
PM sent to claim the collection....

Pm Sent for some items
PM sent
crosses fingers and toes.

Offer is now closed until further notice.

I will have more to offer again later.