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Misting Timer / Control Setup For Small Greenhouse

Hi all,

I have one of those cheaper walk-in 'greenhouses' and I'd like to set up one of the little Orbit 10ft misting systems in it (the kind that connects to a hose). I'm trying to set it up on a timer in such a way that it mists for maybe 1 or 2 mins every half hour, only during the hottest hours of the day. Researching hose timers online, none seem to offer this kind of control...there are some that can water in intervals, but not that can be turned off/on during specified periods. Does anyone have experience with setting up a system like this? If so, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi there. Have you considered an alternative: instead of a timer use a humidity sensor with a switch like this Zoo Med Hygrotherm. It will trigger the misting system based on a set humidity or temperature in your terrarium. All youd have to do is play with settings to figure out when to trigher it. It also has a night cycle switch that might let you select a different humidity profile. Check online and you can find it much cheaper.

Sorry for typos, replying from phone.
Thanks very much for your reply gill_za, that looks to be exactly what I'm after! Having the temperature control is an added bonus too, awesome.
Hope it works out for you! I have one of those. Bought it 4 years ago and recently used it for an experiment at work :)
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I'm wondering how I'd connect the mister to the hygrotherm since the mister isn't powered, you just turn on the hose to use it. It looks like I might need an automatic irrigation valve connected to a transformer which I could then plug into the hygrotherm...would you have any advice in this regard?

Thanks again
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