I just found out that there is this white fiber-like thing growing in the pot of my pant.If it was mold,would strong sulight kill it?


quite possibly...

I recently had a really bad fungus problem in my terrarium, and while i was waiting for the cleary's 3336 to arrive from Phil and Jeff (many thanks) I changed out all my bulbs to plant bulbs (which I find alone, tend to burn my plants) I left the lights on for 24 hourse and ceased the ultrasonic humidifier... next day, most of the fungus had burned to a crisp...

then I had to treat with clearys to keep it from coming back.
I tried strong sunlight and it killed the mold for one day but it started to grow again on cloudy days. Will the mold kill my plant?
I would scrap the mold/fungus off the soil. Also you may have to much humidity combined with still air causing the mold/fungus to apear.

If you have a bag over your vft, I would just cut an opening on top to let the air in. That should be good enough. Also vft do not need that much humidity like other cp's do.

Oh and by the way can you give me some dormancy signs.Do I have to lower the soil's dampness before placing it in the fridge?I know this is a little off topic.
If you have a window window where it gets cold in the winter... ie. laundrey room or garage if theres a window... then you should move the VFT pot there... It is healthier for the plant to have a photoperiod (shortened), than none during the winter.
But my place doesn't turn that cold during the winter.So I think I'm going to have to leave my flytraps in the fridge.I'm sort of worried about this methed.Could you advise me on how to do it?I think many things can go wrong.
I would wait till after Halloween to put it in the fridge. At that time, the days are shorter which will signal the vft to go into dormancy. Growth of new traps will be slow and traps will be smaller. Older traps will turn black. After nature puts the vft to sleep, I would remove the vft bulb and cut off all the remaining leaves (above the soil line). I then wrap the bulb with sphagnum moss (or a wet paper towel), and place in sealed plastic bag for fridge storage till Easter.

Others have suggested sealing the entire pot/soil/plant in plactic bag rather than removing the bulb. You decide!

As for your mold/fungus, remove the bag for a few days, but mist the vft twice daily (for humidity). If the mold/fungus dissappears, continue with misting method, instead of bag.
Thank you so much.I think I'm going to go with the putting pot/soil/plant in the fridge instead of excavating the plant method.



Usually we wait untill Thanks Giving to put our plants into dormacy. How cold does it get outside where you're at? last year I put mine outside and they did fine aslong as you put them somewhere safe of frost and snow. Like right next to the house or in the garage if you have one with a window.

Also vfts realy dont need humidity that much I guess its ok to keep it covered sometimes but if you keep it covered all of the time you are just asking for mold or fungus not to mention vfts like good air circulation. If you notice your traps turning black alot very quickly then you need to take the cover off. Maybe put it on at night and uncover durring the day?