ok but if you ask me thats a bit long I usually do it from Thanks Giving to Valentines day and that works fine.
I'm going to mark that on my calender.Will I have to put fungicides on the plant before putting it in the fridge?And will regular liquid fungicides for plants kill my flytrap?I'm planning on spraying normal liquid fungicide for plants on the surfuce of the soil and the parts of the plant that is above the soil.I found this fungicide in my garage and it might be piosonous to my plant.I'm afraid my plant will suck up the fungicide and die.I forgot to tell you I'm going to put the plant in the fridge with the pot and soil all on.


It's been one of dem days
Since you have had a problem with fungus, you probably should just to be safe. I haven't had any problems with fungus when I have put mine into the fridge. I put them in baggies, pot and all, put a date on the baggie so I'll know when I put them in the fridge. I check once or twice a month to be sure fungus hasn't started growing and to air them a little.


It's been one of dem days
I believe you douse the plant thoroughly before you put it them in the fridge for dormancy, to keep the mold from appearing, then reapply if it does.
I've just never used fungiside on my plants, so I check them to be sure none starts up while they are dormant and to remove some of the condensation from the inside of the baggie.
What is your regular type of fungicide? Do you know if it's save to use on your plant?
This fungicide is for lawns,flowers,shrubs,and tree's leaves.The bottle never mention it for venus flytraps.So it may not be safe.