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Mountain Bogs National Wildlife Refuge is now our newest NWR, protecting many species

From the USFWS: We'd like to welcome Mountain Bogs National Wildlife Refuge as our newest refuge in North Carolina! It's officially America's 563rd National Wildlife Refuge and will protect some of Appalachia’s rarest places for wildlife. Some of the species Mountain bogs will provide a home for are pictured below, but many others will benefit with this added refuge:


If you feel inclined, write to them and tell them they are AWESOME! Many agencies and organizations throughout the southeast have worked to protect and steward mountain bogs for a long, long time. It is nice to finally have lasting protection.
They got the S. oreophila picture wrong, it's a S. flava......but other than that, wonderful to hear another step in the right direction!
So, endangered animals aside, here is why we should all be doing a celebratory dance right this very second:
(1) S. oreophila is protected
(2) S. jonesii is protected
(3) S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. montana is also protected
(4) The current NWR boundaries are going to get bigger over time as new lands are acquired. Several funds are set up to purchase new lands, secure easements, and TNC is even working with private landowners to educate and help them steward any rare plants they have.

I hope everyone is understanding how monumentally HUGE this victory is for the genus Sarracenia. In fact, it's probably the singular best day that these plants have had since the freakin' Endangered Species Act (early 70s).
This is pretty terrific. Great news. Now I have to plan a trip where I can see Sarracenia oreophila AND Glyptemys muhlenbergii in the SAME PLACE !
This is wonderful news! Thank you for pointing it out.
Very nice, its good to hear some good environmental news for once.
Great news! Thanks for sharing.