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Muhahahahahahahaa! HALLOWEEN IS COMMING!!

Hahahahahaa! You guys are too much!

Nem you have to post photos! I wanna see what you got going on..seems this thread is mighty empty because this holiday has turned into a Thad instead of what it once was...WE need to claim back this holiday from the crap its become and go back to the real roots of what halloween once was.. It drives me crazy when i see stuff on the news about people complaining about "too scary" decorations in people's yards and people saying "its to scary for the kids"...seriously.. Its HALLOWEEN! Its supposed to be scary and fun, not an excuse for young girls to dress up half way naked and parade around like drunken fools. Ahrg...

These people on a town close by had an amazing front lawn with bodies hanging and all this crazy stuff and the neighbourhood complained seeing itv was too scary for halloween.. I was so mad. I remember going to peoples houses and being chased around by a guy with a chainsaw in a mask when kids tried to get candy, and we'd laugh and have fun. Now no one does anything kids dont even get candy people leave buckets of candy out on their steps woth a note saying "take one please" instead of scaring the kids that come to get candy.. We used to terrorize the ppl who gave Apple's instead of candy.. Or other stupid things lol. Toilet paper houses and egg them go up to Windows and bang on them with unexpected people inside.. Ahh my childhood.

Who thinks Halloween is too scary! I mean why else do we make scary movies and tell kids if they misbehave the monster under their bed will get them... Kids these days need the pants scared off of them once in a while. Cause the generation (we have ..and) that's coming is gonna be super scary without it!
Not a number i love that its so funny! Something all of us could do with dead pitchers! Hang them with string or fake vines around the house or on a hanging pot lol
Costume is almost finished need to do a few more things..


Shirt (minus chest piece):

Corset(minus the cape):

Arm sleeves:


The other pieces are under way, since I've hand sewed everything that means.....no sleeeeep for meh!
Their not the exact contacts i ordered but the ones i originally got were out of stock so they sent ones close to what i bought.. But their to dark for the characters eye color...but not much i can do couldnt find the ones i ordered in stock anywhere online..ahrg!
Didn't like the chest piece i made.. so i changed it to something a bit better..spent all night sewing it to the shirt i made cause my sewing machine is acting up..ahrg! Almost finished just got to finish the chest piece and redo the buckles on the straps for down my legs and I can finally sleep normally!!! Lol
Thanks hun itd prob look better without bloody fingers lol lol

New shirt gatta cut out the middle:

Cut out the cape design..the last thing i need to sew tonight..ahrg:

Got the buckles for my legs done last night...at 6am..ahrg:

Soo i gatta sew and cut the cape and I'll be done Woohoo!
One of the kids i share my plants with made me this.. The flash was on so u cant see the pupils in the eyes...opps

Another kid made me a skull but i cant find it at the moment have it in a box so it wouldn't get hurt/broken.. Soo cute :D
Adorable cat-pumpkin! And that costume is coming together! Wish I could help out, I sew costumes and stuff.
Tonight I will be making little sheer trick-or-treat bags for kids. I'm going to stuff them with candy and plant seed packs!
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AWw acro thats great :) im giving out a bunch of candy and 'sow ur own cacti' cards w/ instructions and seeds attached
To the kids i kno and share my collection with :) but that's great your doing that for the tricker treaters :D that's so fun!
Alright HeliamWalnut, fly on over and be sure to have a costume when you knock. :p

KATastrophe, I like your Cacti Cards idea! I got my seed packs from the dollar store, at 25¢ each! I was hoping to get pumpkin seeds, but they only had flower seeds. Hope the kids don't mind!
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Yea i was hoping to get some pumpkin seeds too but never saw any you could plant.. Lol so i chose the next best thing some cacti seeds from my collection i have left over :)
I only wish i had enough money to find enough little plastic pots to stick the cards inside of and a little bag of soil and everything they needed to sow the seeds next spring/summer... But i figure they'll prob sow them with me next year and by then I'll prob have some stuff for them to use

I just gotta sew my cape and my costume is finished but im so tired from last night's sewing escapade i didn't get to do it soOo after work i hope i get it done be4 the tricker treaters come and i got to make my walk from the family graveyard to my place and get the alter dressed with dinner for my family/friends spirits to come :D I've been trying to get this costume perfect since last year i really hopevi get it done in time to enjoy the festivities and kids patroling the neighborhood for candy. Hope i have enough candy...kinda ate most of it sewing my costume the past few days lol lol!
My oldest sister is an absolute magician with a sewing machine. She used to sell her wares on Etsy.com where she made custom Baby carriers, nursing covers, ring slings etc.

She always had a special knack for picking out fabrics. But she is expecting baby #5 and with her oldest kid only eight years old she keeps quite busy now. Lol

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Yea my sewing machine is all messed up from when i moved got to fix it.. Had a hand held one but couldn't find it ..ahrg! Soo im stuck doing it by hand.. All i got is to sew the other panal of the cape and cut it out to look and flow/fit the way i need it to be..which is alot harder then i thought it would be and unfortunatly my family isn't good at sewing or giving cutting advice and when i try to tell them how i need it to be they suggest the craziest things... My sister suggested i should "stick a pencil in my leg" to make the cape go outward.. When i asked her imput on how i should cut it to fold over in the front then flow outward to drape to the floor like in the photo.. Best i could do was use a neck cape as a chest sheet but i still gatta cut it right after..ahrg