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Hi all, here my growlist

Cephalotus Follicularis

Dionaea Muscipula Typical
Dionaea Muscipula "All Green"
Dionaea Muscipula "Akai Ryu"
Dionaea Muscipula "Giant"

Drosera Petiolaris
Drosera Paradoxa

Drosera Pigmea
Drosera Callistos
Drosera Enodes
Drosera Eriksoniae * Pulchellaa
Drosera Leucoblasta
Drosera Mannii
Drosera Nitidula ssp. Omissa
Drosera Occidentalis var. Microscapa
Drosera Pygmaea "Green"
Drosera Pulchella (Orange Flower)
Drosera Pulchella x Nitidula ssp. Allantostigma
Drosera Roseana
Drosera Scorpioides
Drosera x Carbarub

Drosera Subtropicale
Drosera Adelae
Drosera Aliciae
Drosera Burkeana
Drosera Burmannii
Drosera Capillaris
Drosera Capillaris Sussex Co, VA
Drosera Cuneifolia
Drosera Dielsiana
Drosera Madagascariensis
Drosera Nidiformis
Drosera Prolifera
Drosera Spatulata
Drosera Venusta

Drosera Temperata
Drosera Binata
Drosera Binata var. Black Heat
Drosera Binata var. Dichotoma
Drosera Binata var. Multifida Extrema
Drosera California Sunset
Drosera Capensis Alba
Drosera Capensis All Red
Drosera Capensis Narrow Leaf
Drosera Capensis Typical
Drosera Filiformis var Filiformis
Drosera Intermedia
Drosera Rotundifolia
Drosera x Belezeana

Genlisea Filiformis
Genlisea Violacea

Nepenthes Albomarginata typ All Red
Nepenthes Khasiana x Ventricosa
Nepenthes Ventricosa "Red x Sibuyanensis"
Nepenthes Truncata
Nepenthes x Hookeriana
Nepenthes x Miranda
Nepenthes x Ventrata

Pinguicula Cyclosecta
Pinguicula Esseriana
Pinguicula Weser

Roridula Gorgonias

Sarracenia Alata
Sarracenia x Chelsonii
Sarracenia Flava
Sarracenia Flava Altropurpurea
Sarracenia Hybride
Sarracenia Leucophylla
Sarracenia Leucophylla x Mitchelliana
Sarracenia Leucophylla x Willsii
Sarracenia Juthatip Soper
Sarracenia Psittacina
Sarracenia Purpurea ssp. Purpurea Typical x S. Farnhamii
Sarracenia Purpurea ssp. Venosa
Sarracenia Rubra Gulf Giant x Moorei
Sarracenia x Catesbaei
Sarracenia x Rehderi

Utricularia Acquatica
Utricularia Australis
Utricularia Gibba
Utricularia Vulgaris

Utricularia Terrestre
Utricularia Bisquamata
Utricularia Sandersonii
Utricularia Subulata

Best regards