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my art glass works in progress

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Those fly traps a very cool. there is a lot of art shops in different tourist towns in Arizona that have a lot of hand made glass objects maybe look into trying to sell in a similar shop around your place.
I like the idea of a water pitcher pitcher plant or a set of glasses and pitcher for lemonaide. Might not be a big seller but something that you could offer as a order by order basis.
I would also be interested in a cepholotus if you get around to making one.
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Beautiful work - I'd like to see a Hurricane Creek White!
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i just made a facebook fanpage. you should all go there and "like" it or whatever haha
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a hamata would ROCK! subscribing for the vft's...
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Very nice work!
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And how about duplicating whatever awesome things you put there on your Etsy storefront or putting them here for those of us not part of Facebook?
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I would totally bid on those if you would list something like that in the NASC auction!

I've always wanted to try this. I have a pack of glass canes and a cute little mini torch from the hardware store but haven't gotten around to organizing any sort of tools to actually shape and work the glass.
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i just posted flytraps and a bunch of other stuff i made on etsy. go check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :boogie:
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i just posted flytraps and a bunch of other stuff i made on etsy. go check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :boogie:

I'm wanting to see the Octopus for sale :)
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Am I the only one that finds the random cute thing horrifying because of its resemblence to a Furby? >_>

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this morning a gallery in kansas called me and spoke to me about ordering a bunch of my stuff! normally id say thats a good thing but then i realized i was offering wholesale prices on my etsy page and that if i were to sell them at that price to galleries they would mark the price up to their retail standard. so in order to not undermine the galleries i had to raise all my prices to retail prices. (as in, why would anyone buy it from the gallery if they can get it directly from me for 50% less) i was just so used to selling things at wholesale prices at my old job that it never even occured to me that thats why my boss never sold anything online... so, sorry to anyone who had their hopes up of buying anything for super cheap! i really dont like it anymore than anyone else does :( im going to start making more connections with galleries and set up a website thats basicly just a portfolio so i can direct them to that if they want to take a look... in the meantime, i'll probably always have my facebook fanpage active, but after a while my etsy page may go dark

the link to my fanpage is in my signature if you wanna join or just look

P.S. Andy, thanks for letting me promote myself on your board :D certain other boards wont even let me post or they charged me fees. you deserve something cool in return. send me a PM and i could custom make you a flytrap or something for free :banana2:

edit: hey technoracer, let me know when you get your flytrap! i sent it yesterday
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Wonderful pieces of art. I've always loved glass work, but it appears to be a very tedious form of art and difficult to do with the need of extreme temperatures and such. Kudos to you.

and this is just cool

Favorite one. Lurve me some octopus.
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this whole running a buisness thing is driving me crazy.... i guess the gallery doesnt want to even sell the things i have on my etsy page. they want them, but BIGGER! so since they dont want anything on my etsy i decided i'll keep that seperate from the things i sell to galleries so theres no competition between them. SO, i lowered my etsy prices back down. this is all very frustrating! and then theres this guy on etsy who saw my stuff and decided step up his game. now im competing with this guy to make better and better stuff... its annoying the crap outta me today...
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I'll let you know when it arrives. i'm out of town a lot though so i might not know for a few days after it arrives. when did you ship it? and where did the link to your store go?

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i switched my link to my facebook page for emergent glass. theres a link to the store there. or just look up emergentglassworks on etsy. i shipped the flytrap on the 22nd

heres some pitcher plants i made recently.

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excellent! i'll let you know as soon as i can when it has arrived. i'll bet people would be interested in seeing how you makes these. like a picture roll of you making one or a video or something...
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I got my vft today and it's awesome! WINNING! Thanks again!
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LOL i like that charlie shean has made all these new awesome catch phrases... im glad you like it :)

here's a pic of something else i made recently. its on etsy right now


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wow! I really love the S. minor and the nepenthes!