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my collection got ruined by spider mites, had to restart the whole thing! so here is my typical i've had for 38 days

Aug 2, 2020
i have had this dionaea muscipula typical for 38 days - 1 month 1 week and a day, and let me say on thing it has been absolute chaos with this plant, first it did not like the light i had it under, ( i cannot grow outside due to it being late in the season, and we have tons of pests on the coast, spider mites, scale, mealybugs, and aphids) it is horrendous, i have gone through 6 bottles of bioadvanced 3in1 for all of my other plants, so 54$ wasted on that, that's why i have my plants that i value indoors! i am using a feit electric 13 watt full spectrum light it is 1 foot, i have it mounted under and inside of my desk, the light has blue, red and 5000k white leds, let me tell you, this light is great! my plants have never been this happy, my peppers are growing and so are my cacti, and none of the growth is stunted or stretched. my air plant has red leaves, my fly trap has started re growing with this light after a flower tried taking place 3 weeks ago, i snipped it off, my plant regrew after three weeks of cutting the flower off, took forever for my plant to grow this new growth it made me scared that it was going to die! but as of yesterday i saw the growth coming from the center again! i have a deep red one and a green new future trap coming in! so the tip for these is to leave them alone! only use peat moss or even sphagnum moss that's all i use, i am currently using peat moss! no perlite, and it works well! and use reverse osmosis water or distilled water but i have always had the advantage of close to free distilled water because i use a reverse osmosis water system, and it saves me gas, and saves me from driving all the way to the store and wasting money on gallons of water for plants!


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