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My first pings


I have had these little fellows for 5 months now. P. Emarginata X Ehlersiae



Almost caught a moth. The brown stuff on leaves are moth scales :spidersmile:



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Nice! Love the pink color of the leaves. P.emarginata seems to be dominating the leaf shape.
Nice colour... just want to ask hows the condition for this ping? Did u put it on direct sunblast? I just got my ehlersiae from my friend... but now in recovery stage...

I have got them growing under 2ft T8 lights 6500k and 3500K. My setup has got 6 T8 tubes next to each other, but my pings are directly under 2 of the 6 lights and are about 3 inches from the bulbs.
I will be removing them from the lights and find a spot somewhere else when dormancy starts.
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It is interesting that I have been unable to find any other mention of the hybrid P. emarginata x ehlersiae anywhere. I wonder where this plant originated?
do u think if put my ehlersiae at glass house with direct sun will be survive?
@Bobz, I got the plant from a grower in the western cape south africa. Not exactly sure where he got it from

@porq, i had mine growing outside but they were not doing so well for me, not really sure why as i brought them indoors and placed them under the lights and they took off really well. Would love to start growing some outside as a test.
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