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My fly trap is a freak

Jul 10, 2003
I have kept my fly trap outside all summer and it got lots of rain and bugs and sun, and kept it in a tray of water. It was doing well, or so I thought. Two weeks ago I saw a green v sticking in the moss near the base, I moved the moss and a trap was under it. The trap was white with pink spots, and last week there were two new traps on it, one had a bulbous green lump where three of the teeth should have been, and the the other was square shaped and half the size of a regular trap on it with another "trap-like" lump uner it. What did I do to it? It has three new traps growing on it that look normal (in addition to several older traps) Was this just a random glitch or did I somehow Quasimodo my VFT?
Aug 1, 2003
Budd Lake, NJ
Ok, my theory is that you have a split personality and at night you're doing genetic experiments on VFTs without your daytime's self's awareness.

Or...it could just be a mutation.
Aug 17, 2003
White with pink spots? Square?
I call first dibs on the "Square Pink Spotty."

My guess is that it will green up with some light. I've found stuff growing under or out of the moss before: VFTs, butterworts, sundews, and cobra lilies (which I am having no luck with here in FL).
I guess I could use the refrigerator.

I've never found anything that weird before.