Here are the nepenthes and other carnivorous plants that I grow.

My Veitchii Hybrids and other Hybrids

Nepenthes Mixta x Maxima x Veitchii x Northiana x Veitchii-----------(MALE) keeps. Going to breed this one

Northiana x Veitchii (H/L)----High Land----------(MALE)-- Keeps. Going to breed this one

Nepenthes Lowii x Truncata x 1-- Keeps

Spectabilis x Veitchii (H/L)---------(MALE)-- Keeps. Going to breed this one

Nepenthes Truncata x Veitchii (H/L) - x 1 -- Female

Nepenthes Eymae x Veitchii H/L ---( FEMALE)-- Keeps. Going to breed this one

N. Hamakua- Seed grown--N. Hamakua [N. (thorelii x (maxima x veitchii)) x campanulata] --------( Female) Keeps. Going to breed this one

2 maxima X boschiana -- from Geoff Wong seed

1 N. (Rokko X dyeriana) X ventricosa EP-- (MALE)

1 maxima X spectabilis EP nice plant

1 ?

More neps: Nepenthes Species

Nepenthes Edwardsiana---- x 1

Nepenthes Truncata-- Female!!!!

Nepenthes Eymae--- Female!!!!

Nepenthes Tobaica x Ovata x Veitchii

Nepenthes Ventricosa x xTiveyi(A)

Nepenthes Dubia-- Seed grown---- x2

Nepenthes Inermis-- All seed grown germinated by myself. x18

Nepenthes Ampullaria Giant Red

Nepenthes Lowii- Mt Trusmadi- Seed grown. x1

Nepenthes Velvet -------------from sarracenia Northwest------- (MALE)

Nepenthes Thorelii x Rafflesiana sing. x Talangensis x Inermis x1--------(MALE)

Nepenthes Tenuis ( Hopefully male)- This ones from TC

Nepenthes Tenuis-----------------(FEMALE)-- Keeps

N. Truncata x Aristolochioides--(FEMALE)-- Keeps

Other CP's:

D. Spatulata- too many to count
D. Pulchella x Nitidula- too many to count.
D. lieoblastus(cranbrook)- (x) many
D. Omminissa x Pulchella
D. Dichotoma
D. Multifida
D. "Lake Badgerup"
D. Roseana
D. Adelae
D. Scorpioides
D. Carburup
D.Palacea ssp. Palacea
D. Helodes
D. Manii
D. Pulchella Salmon Flower
D. ???
D. Scorpioides Pink flower
D. Scorpioides ?? Flower
D. Burmanii


Hummers Giant


Typical form
Cup Trap
Red Dragon

Nepenthes seeds

Maxima 'Dark' X Spectabilis 'North Sumatra'-- Germinating May 8th 2010

Thorelii x xTM x Spatulata x Maxima -- Germinating May 8th 2010

Thorelii x xTM x Isle De France


Spectabilis x Northiana-- male
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