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sarracenia lover
What up? Ive grown H. heterodoxa x minor for a while but really never got into helis because of their special needs. Recently someone offered me lts of divs so I said why not. I put them in a wine chiller with temps ranging from 50-67F and RH at 70%+ at all times. I'm growing them under a 36w LED light I made. They seem to like their environment so far. Now I might have to find more:-O.

This is a heterodoxa x ionassi. Seems to be making a nice nectar spoon under the LED.

1st pitcher in my care.

This is heterodoxa x minor. Love the squat look of these pitchers.

1st pitcher in my care.

Right now it looks like a container full of baggies with a light over them lol. I'm still slowly acclimating them.
Thanks! I have a minor selection 1 and Burgundy Black too. I'll post pics of those later.
Mind if I ask what your wine cooler setup looks like? I've been thinking of building on myself. Nice plants!
Just a wine chiller turned up on its back with a light shining through the glass. I'll get some pics of it up tomorrow:).
Beautiful plants! I look forward to seeing your setup, I've dreamed of doing something similar someday for cool-growing orchids.
My heli chiller:D. Dont mind my fan on the led. Just temporary until I can get a PC fan on it.

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