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Here another h.minor var pilosa, very different. This one is also from auyan, but the nectar spoon is more elongated.
Strange fact on this clone; the nectar spoon stay yellowish even under massive lighting.

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amazing job Francois. man! I love those hairy heliamphora. so amazing. Not to mention the colour. You have gotten this down to an art.
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amazing job Francois. man! I love those hairy heliamphora. so amazing. Not to mention the colour. You have gotten this down to an art.

Gardeners are artists !

Thanks for your kinds words Varun :)
You made my day !
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Heliamphora parva


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A horned heli !


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Heliamphora 'red mambo'
(the first pitcher under my care)
Look quite elegant :)


And my dream come true: my h.minor var pilosa clone A push me a flower.


Of course i will make pure pilosa seeds(x self) but i think i will pollinate the first flower with some pulchella or parva pollen. I think the cross can be interesting.

As always, thanks for looking. !

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Maiden, you are THE Heli King :hail:
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And Maiden takes another show stopping pic lol, REALLY awesome plants!!
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Truly amazing :hail: :drool:
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Thx guys ! :)

Thx for your compliments also. H.minor var pilosa seeds will be gold nuggets. I pollinated many species over the last few years, but nothing rewarding like h.minor var pilosa seeds! Im in heli heaven :)

I just cant find any pictures or any information on internet about flowering pilosa. I just cant believe im the first one. Wistuba make them flower for sure..

Anyway, i will add so many pictures of the whole pilosa story, internet will be well documented from now :)
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OMG Maiden. Damn! Congrats man. H. minor var pilosa is amazing man. Glad to see it flower. Fingers crossed for you man. Looking forward to seeing more of this baby in the future and perhaps its own babies. :D One of my wishlist helis for sure. :D
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I will keep some seeds for you varun, for sure. With all the growing tips you gave to me, you deserve it !



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I sow 1 seed for testing purpose, and i got a germination 4 days later.

For those who bought my h.minor var minor auyan seeds, i think you can trust the freshness :)


Heliamphora minor var pilosa seeds are around the corner, be ready :)
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Pictures quality 1/5 (cell phone)

Heliamphora minor var pilosa clone A
Mother plant


Heliamphora parva
Mother plant

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looking good maiden, and i don't mean the Heli this time.
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Wow just..WOW! Amazing and so nice yr plants are great! Hope my heli looks like that someday. Love the coloration and tge hairs on some of them just beautiful. Keep the pix comming and thnks 4 sharing