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Those are very beautiful! One day, I hope to have plants as magnificent as this!!!
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Thanks for your kind words !! :)
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Wow the lids on that Red mamba are out of control. Amazing collection.
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Thanks :)

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Heliamphora minor var pilosa
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OH WOW! such beautifully grown plants! I'm so envious >_<
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Thanks pk93 :)
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Heliamphora pulchella amuri

Heliamphora pulchella akopan

Heliamphora "red mambo"
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This thread has given me heli fever. And no one stateside has them that I know of.

Great plants
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Beautiful! Can't wait for mine to get settled in.
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Thanks guys ! :-))
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Growing your fuzzy socks out to get ready for next winter? :p
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Is that a two headed pitcher in the first photo? Nice work, by the way.
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Really nice color on the first image! :0o:

What species is it?
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I know this thread is about Helis but my eyes are drawn to that N. hamata in the back...
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Hehe, I liked that nep too.
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Thx for your kind words guys !

Thezyo yep, i will be ready :-D

Curtis: no, only face to face pitchers hehe

Dr donuts: parva and a unknow hybrid.

Yep yep, i got a couple highland nepenthes in this tank :)

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First an n. hamata, then cephalotus. I thought this was a heliamphora thread, people. :jester: