My Indoor Highland Greenroom

Hello all, I built a relatively modest tent in my basement to start a new collection of highland Nepenthes and Heliamphora. It is only a couple weeks old and the plants I do have are still arriving and settling in but I want to get it documented and share the experience with others :adoration:

-currently getting night temps of 50-55 without actively cooling thanks to the basement setting
-using a reptile heating cable in addition to the heat from the light to bring day temps to 75-80.
-420 watt indagrow induction light
-fogger humidifier set to keep tent 75-80%
-small axial fan hanging from the middle of the tent on a 15 on 15 off timer to keep the air mixing and moving.
-used some egg crate to bring plants off the floor for drainage and used some weed cloth to keep tendrils from sneaking below.
-small RO filter setup to fill a 5 gallon reservoir with float valve

Think that covers the basics. Happy to answer any questions anytime. These plants are much more fun to grow when you can share them with others :)
Looks good. Add a bigger fan. The air needs to move more.
Also keep in mind that the water might pool underneath

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Still waiting for some pitcher inflation to share with you all but things going well. More plants on the way and lots of live sphagnum cultures setup. villosa and inermis are still eluding me but I will keep asking around

Thanks for the fan advice, do you think I should run it 24/7 as well? I have larger fans but was afraid it would be overkill in there because the room is so small. I wrapped the entire bottom with a heavy duty tarp so water can pool underneath safely. If it were ever to accumulate in large amounts i guess id have to suck it out somehow.
got the bigger fan put in and plugged into a fan controller as the full speed was way to much for the space.
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and today my seed grown nepenthes macrophylla arrived and was potted up :woot::boogie:

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alot more plants arriving in the next month then no more until wistubas first spring shipment to the states happens. today found a BE villosa I have been hunting and at the same time a BE hamata x robcantleyi which I am sooo excited about.
just happened across it on fleabay, never know what you will find there but gotta check in pretty much every day which can be a royal pain in the ***.
Don’t need to tell me if you don’t want but how much did you get it for.
Good deals to be had there unless they ship from China or Poland lol

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is anyone out there growing robcantleyi x hamata or hamata x robcantleyi? I would absolutely love to see any photos and hear what you think of this one. I just got a hamata x robc ordered, the reverse was out of stock or I may still be trying to decide which one to get hah
I actually have both hybrids. They're nice and pretty easy to grow. I actually got scale on the rob x hamata so I haven't had many recent pitchers.

Wow! So glad to see it keep the hamata ribs and some teeth now just praying it gets relatively tubby Robc pitchers with maturity :drool:

Do you get hard or soft scale? Have never had scale get to my neps (knock on wood) but had hard scale on cactus years back and they were so hard to fully fight off left nasty scars
little update now that I have some pitchers inflating. Unfortunately The growthpoint was snapped in shipment on this ventricosa x hamata. Curious how long it typically takes a young plant like this to activate a new growth point and get back on track?
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some seedling i bought as edwardsiana and villosa. obviously too young to confirm so either I have some great plants or lesson learned not to do this again :p
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a couple drosera I am waking back up from dormancy
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first order of seed arrived, got them sown into rinsed sphagnum. first mix is supposedly lowii, reinwardtiana(HL), edwardsiana 'Green', fusca, veitchii(HL). the second mix is supposedly hirsuta 'Black', reinwardtiana(HL), edwardsiana 'Gold', fusca, veitchii(HL)
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also received a couple cephs to add to the collection. first attempt with these so hoping for the best! Czech giant and borneo exotics clones
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and my ventricosa that lost its growth point due to a frost is sending out at least 4 basals simultaneously. should I allow all to grow or select 2 so the growth rate isn't slowed too much?
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Lotsa blue
I'm not really a Nepenthes grower but, if it was me, I would allow the 4 growth points to do what they want for now.

That's quite a haul of botanical goodness you have there! 'Best of luck with the seeds and all the rest.
Thanks, will only get better as I start to have pitchers worthy or showing off!

I heard that basals can sap energy from other growth points bringing them to a standstill in some cases. this may only apply to already slow growing species
Hey if water should ever become an issue you should try this. I ordered some for myself and will let you know how they work

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when i first opened this page and saw that thing i was extremely confused LOL i am very curious once it absorbs all it can hold would it be ringed out like a sponge? please let me know how it works out for sure and what exactly is in there sucking up all that water!