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Hello all

ive been registered here for a long time but only started participating recently. So, it seems appropriate to contribute a little. Here are some recent photo's and a vid I made the other day. Its my first video so please excuse the...quality :)

whole GH

A taste of life in my GH, lol

some seedlings im growing now

sanguinea uppers

Izumiae X ramispina basal lower

lowii X bosch

something with maxima and lowii

inermis bongso

sanguinea X ramispina I think

chaniana X veitchii

maxima dark X lowii

young Jac

ventricosa X spectabilis - flowering

weird sg boschiana

lowii X campanulata lower and intermediate

(lowii X veitchii) 'red' X boschiana

boschiana X densiflora upper (in flower now)

ventricosa X RC - same pitcher - flowering now

(lowii X veitchii) 'yellow' X boschiana - flowering

(lowii X veitchii) X campanulata - lower and intermediate

veicthii X talangensis



lady pauline - lower - flowering

sibu X vent - basals showing off

LVB X (maxima X mira)

And the video:
Talk about breathtaking! Superb! Why on earth haven't you been posting pictures of these beautiful plants for years!?
Very nice! With so many plants, how do you get to the back of the greenhouse? Lol
Holy cow wow!!! Stunning gh
Nice plants! It looks like a jungle in there! What growing medium are you using for the seedlings? It looks like bark to me.
:) Im glad you guys liked it

the path is usually clear - but even then, Its a bit of a contortion act getting to the very edges. the space was fine when the plants were small, but they grow so fast and I decided to sacrifice path for plants. I have already taken about 30 plants out of the GH with 10 of those being very big which scored me some space in there. more will come out soon to make space for more growth/mess :)

those seedlings are in coco chips atm, but they need to go into my regular GH soil soon as the CHC was for terrarium life. The first picture (smaller seedlings) are all in coco peat
Definite beauties!!! Very nice.
Spectacular! Don't continue being a stranger =)
Beautiful collection!

Question about the vent x rc: Does the peristome curl back eventually or does it remain like how it is in the picture? Hoping mine turns out like yours, regardless.
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If you are referring to the picture immediately below the title, see the one below that: this is what it looks like some time after the first picture was taken. it gets a fair bit darker, the peristome folds back a little but stays quite flared and the neck grows longer

I havent seen many pictures of mature vent X RC. does anyone have any to post? Id like to see what kind of variation there is in this cross?
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Derp. My brain didn't register the second picture >.<

Thanks morbus. Gives me an idea of what to expect.
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cool cool
its a really nice plant to grow as its easy, gets big and makes decent pitchers!
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It's definitely much smaller than your's but here's my vent x RC:

The pitchers color up pretty red in intense light in my experience.

Great growing Morbus!
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yours looks much like mine hey?
and yes, I fully agree that they are very dependent of sun for color
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a few more recent pictures. Im very surprised that the GH is still this productive given that this is one of the coldest winters I remember. there are flowers all over the place and most plants are still pitchering - smaller and less colourful, but still pitchering.

ventricosa X stenophylla

truncata 'passion'

truncata X ovata

veitchii X lowii

platychilla X (spathulata X lowii)

boschiana (anyone have bosch pollen?)

veitchii X burbidgea

a few Neps growing on the front gate - also still pitchering in force; outside and 100% exposed to the elements. these are tough plants!


burkei uppers


(rokko X bosch)X tm
pitchers from summer are MUCH darker.

one of my homemade seedlings :)
again, summer pitchers are much darker

a very surprising winter inermis X singalana upper

lastly, veitchii X boschiana
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great selection of pitchers :bigthumpup:
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Excellent plants! I am curious, what do you consider to be the "winter elements" that these plants are exposed to? They seem quite healthy still. Also on the last pitcher, what is that brown mass hanging from the underside of the lid?
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Thanks guys :)

This winter has been unseasonably cold for us. we have had frost twice and gale force winds are normal here. cape town = cape of storms. the first three pictures was taken the day after (3 days ago) night time frost was reported here.
in milder winters I usually have far less activity in the GH.

thats something the ants build on some pitchers. its not quite a nest and I dont really know what its for...
here is another example
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You might want to get rid of those