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Yeah, real botanical curiosities. I was recently given an instant collection of them and the acquisition has definitely opened a dark door.
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Really? I've got a few Lecanopteris, but there are some Myrmecodia and Hydnophytum that I may begin to pursue (M. lamii for example). There aren't too many that show up on ebay, but the ones that do look like decent specimens.

A forum dedicated to these types of plants actually sprung up recently. You may want to check it out http://myrmecodia.invisionzone.com/
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Cool new pics Johnny!

Thanks for the ant plant forum link Mato!
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I stumbled across that forum a few weeks ago. There are some great in situ shots of various species on there.

So far for ant plants I've got:

Hydnophytum formicarum - Horne Form
Hydnophytum moseleyanum
Hydnophytum simplex

Lecanopteris carnosa
Lecanopteris sinuosa

Myrmecodia sp. ?
Myrmecodia sp. - Pink Fruit
Myrmecodia platyrea ssp. antoinii
Myrmecodia tuberosa "dahlii"
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H. formicarum is awesome. I had one in a large clay pot in my old LL chamber. It put out prodigious amounts of orange fruits pretty much year round if I remember correctly. I eventually got so many seed I quit bothering trying to plant them all.
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Yup. Once they get going they produce fruit constantly. Easy to germinate and super fast growing seedlings too. I sowed a bunch a month ago and most are already about 2" tall and forming a nice caudex.
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Oh already producing fruit? That's great!
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Yeah, the H.formicarum in the photo is already giving me a few fruit per week.
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Are they all cork mounted?
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No, some are on cork, some are in pots with my general Nepenthes mix for media. I sowed all the seeds on lfs.
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I've not tried any of them mounted before, only in pots of LFS & bark.
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They seem to grow just as well either way. The only problem I can foresee with mounting them on bark is that they may eventually get too heavy for the chosen slab and fall off.
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A very impressive D. spiralis. Do you grow it in highland-like conditions? I also really like the N. x trusmadiensis. Toothy to the max!
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Thanks Mark. I wouldn't call the conditions "Highland" exactly but it is on the cooler side. Temps fluctuate with the seasons in the basement where I grow them and I also adjust the light cycle accordingly. The seasonal changes seem to induce flowering as well. So far D.spiralis has not self seeded for me but the little seed grown"D.graminifolia" I recently got appears to also be D.spiralis. Hopefully I can get several of them to flower together so I can get some seeds.
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Nice to see you are getting interested in ant plants,i grow a couple of lecanopteris (Sinuosa and lomeriodes ) and think the structures are amazing ,wish i had more space to grow more but will be good to see how yours grow,i am surprised people on this forum don't have more interest in them as they make very interesting additions to grow spaces ,cracking update :bigthumpup:
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Thanks Corky. My conditions aren't perfect for them but the cool temps just seem to slow them down a bit. I'm sure I'll find some species are more tolerant than others though. They're amazing, bizarre plants and I just had to give them a try.
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OMG I love the Sarr. Reptilian Rose! What a beauty! Nice little collection you got put together! :) :bigthumpup:
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I went from one ant plant species to almost twenty in a year. There's nothing else like them, especially lecanopteris.
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Sarracenia rubra gulfensis - Ancestral Form

Sarracenia flava cuprea

Sarracenia flava ornata "Improved Black Veins"

Sarracenia leucophylla - "Schnell's Ghost"

Sarracenia alata 'Night' X x'Adrian Slack'

Sarracenia purpurea x (minor X x"Redman")

Platanthera flava

Platanthera ciliaris

Darlingtonia californica - Siskyou Mountains

nguicula moranensis

Pinguicula sp. Pachuca

Pinguicula gigantea

Pinguicula moctezumae

Pinguicula macrophylla

Pinguicula sp. Tonala "ANPA-A"

Cephalotus follicularis - Typical

Cephalotus follicularis - 'Hummer's Giant'

Drosera auriculata seedlings

Drosera felix

Drosera graminifolia ? (spiralis ?)

Drosera hilaris

Drosera graomogolensis

Drosera sp. South Africa

Drosera spiralis

Drosera tomentosa

Drosera x anglica - Washington State

my Heliamphora are looking a bit rough from the last heatwave but, they're all bouncing back perfectly and many are flowering.

Heliamphora tatei

Heliamphora pulchella

Heliamphora sarracenioides

Heliamphora minor

Heliamphora minor flower.

Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor

Heliamphora uncinata

Nepenthes adnata

Nepenthes bokorensis

Nepenthes boschiana

Nepenthes fusca - Sarawak Red

Nepenthes hirsuta - Kuching Spotted - Upper

Nepenthes longifolia - Seedlings

Nepenthes macrophylla - Seed Grown

Nepenthes platychila - Intermediate pitcher

Nepenthes rigidifolia - MT

Nepenthes stenophylla

Nepenthes tenuis - AW

Nepenthes x trusmadiensis - BE Clone #1
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Love the Darlingtonia pot! Also a big fan of that Sarawak fusca, has that nice cream peristome.