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My Sarras won't pitcher

My S. Danas Delight and S. Lueco haven't pitched yet and they are grown outdoors in full sun with the water try method

THey are grown right next to my VFTs which are doing amazing

THe Sarras are in the standard 1:1 peat to perlite mix and they are being watered with rain water

so what am i doing wrong etc???

check them for root rot
What are some signs of root rot

also, they just keep putting up phyllodias even though they are being grown in full sun
How long have you had the plants?

S. leucophylla has two pitcher growth phases, one in the early spring and another in the late summer/early fall. The summer/fall pitchers are usually the most spectacular.

S. "Dana's Delight" has quite a bit of S. leucophylla in it and shares this growth pattern also.

So if you recently acquired these plants perhaps you just missed the spring pitcher growth.

To check for rhizome rot, just push your fingers into the media and give the rhizome a gentle squeeze in several areas. If it is mushy it's probably rotting. It should be firm like a carrot or raw potato.

If they're growing phyllodia probably everything is fine. Just wait for the fall pitchers. Be prepared to say "Wow!"
Oh ok, thanks

I didn't realize they had different growing phases
huh, i didn't know that either... lol, thanks! :)