my trap




ive never had a trap before.  mine plant is all green, no red is that normal?  i just killed two flies and put it in two of thw plants mouths but they havent closed yet, is that normal?  how long will it take for their mouths to close, if in fact that is normal?  my plant is just in a little pot, is that ok?  how often do i water and feed?  and what else could i do to help it?
pleeeeaassse help me.
Ok place your plant on a bright window. Leave the plants pot in tray that's filled with DISTILLED WATER. When all the water is gone fill the tray up again. A small pot is fine. Wait until the plant starts growing until you feed it and only feed it live insects.(about 1/4 the size of the trap)
The food you are giving to them must be alive, otherwise the trap will reopen thinking it's caught something inedible like a leaf. Most people feed once or twice a month. An alive fly will trigger the little hairs inside the traps and it should close very quickly, but the traps can stop working if they are old. Try a new trap.
The traps should turn more red if you leave them in full sun.