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Mar 5, 2002
SOIL: A 50/50 mixture of peat moss and sand or perlite is most common. You can use pure peat moss or pure long fibered sphagnum moss as well. Make sure the sand is for horticulture purposes only. You can also use play sand or silica sand that has been well washed to rid of the fine particles. Live sphagnum peat moss is not recommended because it can overgrow and cover your entire plant causing it to rot. Keep soil moist at all times. DO NOT USE AFRICAN VIOLET MIX OR GREEN MOSS! IT IS NOT THE SAME THING!

Be careful of the sand you use. Most playground sand is lime based and will kill your VFTs. Make sure if you buy from local hardware stores the sand is silica sand (neutral). I have killed many plants because of this.
Jan 27, 2017
Hempstead, TX


I would like to try growing a VFT. My question is where are the proper ingredients for the soil bought? What I read indicated I needed the following to grow VFT's. I went to hope depot and they looked at me like I was crazy. I guess they don't carry that stuff.:-))

Silica Sand / Horticulture Sand
Organic Perlite
Natural Peat Moss 100% Pure

Any help is GREATLY appreciated. I am kinda stuck until I get the right stuff. Also, what VFT would I have the success with. I want to start out simple and then maybe try to grow more exotic varieties.