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Mystery Item (LeafKirby $11)

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is it hollow?

Answer: no its solid
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Is it a actinide alloy?

Answer : no it would probably be illegal for me to auction that but you are close
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Is it a key?

Answer : no
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Does it have anything to do with something that explodes?

Answer: Hopefully not. If they do explode it'll be all over CNN.
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Is it a nuclear reactor?

Answer: now come on.....how can I ship a whole nuclear reactor to you?
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Is it the metal tip to a button igniter once installed at a missle defense system?

Answer: Tip - yes........Button igniter - no
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Is it Marilyn Monrobot??!

Answer: I had to look up what Marilyn Monrobot is. I still don't completely understand but the answer is no, it is not a Marilyn Monrobot.

Response: 'twas meant only as a silly non sequitur, for comic effect. ;-)
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Does it have something to do with a military jet fighter?

Answer: This is hard to answer. I can easily just say no because this item has nothing directly connecting it to jets. Although some people may argue that when some fighter jets lands or takes off that they do have something to do with this item in a distant way. So I'm not sure how to answer this question, I'll give you a freebie question if you want.
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I stumped you!


Does it have something to do with an aircraft carrier/air traffic control?

Answer: There are some of these on some aircraft carriers.
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We can't let this end here, so I'll give out a free hint. This item is completely harmless unless it's used. After it's used it is extremely deadly and all of us have been effected in someway by the use of this item.
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Is it a cigarette?

Answer: No
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I'm going to post a pic to help you guys out.

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Is it a piece of used plutonium?

Answer: No, I think that would be illegal to sell.
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Just a few hours left. This item can't go for just $8, this item probably costs thousands of dollars. The scrap value of this item is 3 times higher than copper! This item has a major connection to one of the biggest news events of last year. If you want to know what this lustrous and highly explosive (if in it's powdered form) item is, you will have to win this auction. You will never have the opportunity to own one of these again, unless I decide to put another one in next years auction.
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Is it UO2


Answer: No, that too would be highly illegal

if second guesses are allowed i would say a hafnium nuclear moderator 5:29 EST
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Is it a zirconium tip of a nuclear fuel rod?

I missed this before I answered the question below, so disregard the answer I gave.

Answer: For legal reasons and because I don't want the FBI, homeland security, CIA and Al qaeda to come knocking on my door, I am exercising my 5th amendment right on this question.
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Is it the tip of a nuclear control rod? (different from the question above.)

Answer: No, but you are the closest so far.

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Is it part of the coolant system of a nuclear reactor?
Answer: More like the heating system.
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Is it a uranium ore pellet?
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Since Lance's bid is invalid it goes back to the last valid bid by EST of $9.

Lance can increase his bid to at least $9.25 and I'll answer his question.
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