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N. aristolochioides need advices

Jul 30, 2022
Need some advices for my N. aristolochioides. Under my care since June 2022. It has 2 growth points when I received it, main shoot and an off bud. Apical shoot had been producing deformed leaves while the off bud was very slow. And then for sometimes it stagnated. Then I decided to douse it with 1 ppm IAA, which I have been doing to all my stagnating plants with great result.

Now the growth has continued on the off-bud producing larger and normal looking leaves while the apical growed for a while then stagnated again.

Should I make a cutting for the top part, leaving the off bud on the main stem? Or should I just leave it be? Frankly I'm afraid I would somehow kill both of them if I decided to make a cutting out of recently recovered plant.

Growing condition:
Day temperatures 23-24°C
Night temperatures 13-14°C
Rh 82-94%
Lighting about 3500 lux for 12H