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N. izumiae x (Trusmadiensis) - rooted cutting (NatchGreyes $55)

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You are bidding on this exact plant:

I prefer to ship unpotted, but if you want me to ship potted I can do that too.

Here is a shot of mature pitchers that this plant makes:
lower light conditions--

higher light conditions-- (the one in my hand, and the one to the right of my hand too)

The bidding starts at $2, and I will want $5 extra to help cover S/H. US bidders only.

Please PM me when you win with: what you won, and your name and address of course. I will reply with my paypal address for the $5.
Payment received by NASC. Thank you!! :)
Shipped Priority today.
Received plant. In great shape! Thanks!
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Auction closed.
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