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N. palawanensis: New Nep Species, from Philippines

Another good reason to make the trek to hear Stewart speak in VA. In Phil's last PM to me, he thought it would likely be held May 1st.

edit: some more info & pics. Evidently this is the 1st of 2 newly discovered species from this area. In addition, he mentions how the prior discovery helped conservation efforts in the area & actually closed down a nickel mine.
Wow, I love it. That's so great it's helping to spark local conservation too. 1st of 2? What is the second?
1st of 2? What is the second?
He mentions a 2nd was discovered but stops there with that tidbit.... ???
stewart said:
I am currently in the Philippines and just returned from two spectacular peaks in Palawan.

On the summits of these mountains, I encountered two new Nepenthes species.

Here is the first - a truly spectacular plant and one of the biggest in the genus.
It was mentioned in another post.


the second was this one:



a species that looks incredibly close to N. mira.