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N. veitchii help


Plant Whisperer

Any idea what's going on? It's sibling that has been sitting right next to it is growing just fine. This one is just making thick nubs of half developed leaves.
Might be worth changing the media. Looks to be a bit of algae growth on top which means it could be staying too wet.
Might be. I'm hoping it's just heat stress from the summer and it'll correct itself now that it's dropping into the 50s at night again. N. veitchii shouldn't be that picky, but you never know. If it doesn't look better with the next leaf I'll check the roots.
I gave it a little more light, kept it a little drier, and it's been getting nights in the 50s. I'm not sure which change made it happy, but it seems to be over whatever was bothering it. Looks like a nice leaf jump as well. 20221025_195503.jpg