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Need Drosera schizandra BAD!

I need one as soon as possible, or I will quite literally plummet headlong into a boiling sea of madness!

Seriously though, I would really love to add this to my collection... If someone has a spare plant (any size), or even some leaf or root cuttings, please PM me and maybe we can work out a trade. Also, I'm on the lookout for some Utricularia types... U. praelonga, U. pubescens, U. amethystina...or other tropicals with large or interesting foliage. Thanks!
these things are growing really slow for me...
Aww, tough break I JUST saw one on eBay last week.

Hopefully someone else has one.
D. schiz never work for me...:-(
Although it states that they have the same living condition as D. adelae, it never do as well as my adelaes...
What are you offering in exchange?