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Need help for ID'ing this plant

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I found this plant growing together on old bark with fern, lichen, moss & platycerium in highland conditions. Can someone ID its name so I can give it the conditions to grow or even propagate it? Its been already 2 weeks in my lowland house.



Thx n regards!

it is a dischidia may be a nummularia specie , a common plant in Southeast Asia

this plant grows on tree trunks 'in situ' , it is not a ant dischidia

then use a tree branch and grow them on ,you can also grow them in a pot ( with peat ) in drooping plant

you can propagate it by stem cutting

in JAVA island they are others dischidia more interesting ( myrmecophilic or not) , some myrmecodia tuberosa 'armata' also a ant plant .

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Thx a lot for the ID and caring info. Will try it ASAP. I think its correct since when I pick it there is a lot of small ants beneath it together with the lichen. I think it will be a good combination to my Nep. Bicalcarata to inviting more ants to cleanup my garden.

I’m pretty confident that is pyrrosia piloselloides, which is a very common type of fern in Southeast Asia. I’ve grown several varieties in this family, some button like and some with more oval leaves. Some I field collected in Bali and a few others I purchased from an orchid grower. I have good luck getting pieces started on a little New Zealand sphagnum moss tied to treefern or corkbark. I use a dab of rooting gel for good measure but this may not be necessary. Slow to start but once fully established, they can grow fairly fast. Here are a couple closeup photos I found online.

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I'm sorry I did not know this type of fern.

this plant also looked very much like a dischidia nummularia ???
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