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Need help with an enclosure - do I even need one?

Feb 2, 2017
Hello, I want to get a cephalotus follicularis but I am kinda not sure what setup to run with it. My house is 78F in the day and around 77F at night, I hear cephalotus need a temperature drop at night to stay healthy, some people have told me I don't really need to do it with my house temp while others said I do. So assuming I do my plan is to make a small enclosure out of polyurethane panels for insulation and hook up this to it for the temp drop needed at night. Thats all fine and dandy but cephalotus supposedly don't do well with poor airflow so how do I get good airflow in the enclosure without it screwing up the temperature I am trying to maintain. Any help is appreciated thank you for your time. :)