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Nep community pot?

May 22, 2017
I did some Googling but couldn't find what I was looking for. Maybe my search terms sucked.

Anyways. I've got a large pot and some extra intermediate hybrids I could put into it. Its either that or put them all into smaller pots. I'm going back and forth and cant make up my mind.

Anyone here keep a nepenthes community pot? Or have you kept one in the past?

Are/were you happy with the result? Anything I'd need to worry about besides sharing diseases/pests?

And if you do have a community pot I'd love to see pictures :)
Jul 3, 2011
Making compots of 4-5 plants of Nepenthes seedlings (per 4" pot) is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.
Feb 16, 2015
Nalasopara (near Bombay/Mumbai)
I wouldn't make a community pot unless it was really small seedlings that I expect to transplant soon (if I did it. I don't). If the roots got tangled, I'd have an unnecessary mess and obviously, being nepenthes, sooner or later they'd want to be separated for space... Also, I find for my conditions, smaller pots to be better for most species. I grow them pretty wet, so large pots can get roots too soggy. When repotting, I don't bother to bare the roots unless the media is going bad, I just take the whole thing and put it into a bigger pot and add media around it. I've got my best results like this so far (not to mention saving space).

Only place my neps grow in same pot is the germination trays. I keep them in the trays for as long as I can - mostly for space, but also because the roots of the small ones seem delicate. Six months or more is usual. (Edit: I'd written a year earlier, but I checked my records and it was 8 months). I just thin out the ones that seem too close.
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