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For Trade Nepenthes edwardsiana (10 fresh seeds) for trade


For trade are 10 fresh Nepenthes edwardsiana seeds which I just received today.
Reason I am getting rid of, is I don't have any more room in my setup to grow any more of this species.
The seeds are not wild collected. I bought them. They were harvested 2nd July 2017, so very fresh.
I will pay for standard postage of these seeds to you.
I am open to trading for other Nepenthes seeds or carnivorous plant seeds. Let me know what you have to trade.
Please make sure you are allowed to import these seeds in to you're country first, before trading.

Example of seeds to trade:

Thanks very much.
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Be aware that Nepenthes khasiana seeds (as well as rajah) are CITES regulated and will require special permits and paperwork to ship internationally that other Nepenthes seeds may not require.
The seeds are not wild collected. They were sourced from parent plants in Sri Lanka, that were originally brought in from Malaysia over 25 years ago, my source tells me.

I am aware of the CITES regulations, Nimbulan, thankyou.
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