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Nepenthes leaves looking weird (burnt?)

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Hi everyone!

I have a couple of Nepenthes seedlings (about 1 year old) which are growing next to each other on separate pots. They are complex lowland hybrids, all from the same batch of seeds.
Recently some of them started showing yellowish and burnt-looking leaves, while others seem to be unaffected. I can't figure out what is going on since they are next to each other and are treated the same way. They get 1-2 hours of "direct" sunlight (filtered through glass) and the rest of the time only indirect light. I also do occasional foliar feeding with Maxsea, but use lower concentration than what I usually see suggested... Could I have exaggerated with the fertilization on some of them but not on others??

If anyone has an idea of what may be going on, I'd appreciate it.

Thank you!


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What kind of potting media is that?
I've heard of fertilizing Nep. seedlings, but never have myself (I've only pitcher fed also). You could flush the pots with pure water to make sure there isn't buildup in the media. Extra points for collecting the water and testing it with a TDS meter.
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Thank you for the suggestions!

The media is a peat-based mix with perlite and burnt rice husks. That's not my usual choice Nepenthes, but seemed to be working fine (until now??)

Sounds like a good idea to flush the pot and check the water TDS. I'm going to try that!

Any chance these symptoms could be caused by too much sun or too little humidity? I don't know if that would make sense, though, since some of the plants are not affected...