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Mar 2, 2010
hi , i'm Anton from Indonesia , Surabaya .
I want to trade nepenthes seeds with sarracenia seeds, drosera, VFT or nepenthes seeds too.

I have these seeds :
Nepenthes Ampullaria Red seeds
Nepenthes Gracilis Dark brown
Nepenthes Gracilis Green With spotted inside
Nepenthes Gracilis Stripped Red
Maxima Tentena x Veitchii
(Raffles x mirabilis) x Globosa

all seeds harvested around 20 February - early march
If want to trade, pls PM me.

Oct 5, 2008
Hi Antonio,
I have seeds of
Dionaea muscipula
Sarracenia leucophylla
S. leucophylla ´red dark veined`
S. rubra ´gulfensis`
S. leucophylla x S. purpurea
S. leucophylla x S. alata
D. burmannii
D. burmannii ´Red`
D. filiformis
D. filiformis ´red`
D. capensis
D. capensis ´Alba`
D. intermedia
D. spatulata

I have interest in yours N. ampullaria Red, N. maxima x N. veitchii and N. ( raff x mirabilis ) x globosa.
Please tell me if you would like to trade with my seeds.
All the best,
Marcos ono